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About Me

I am a cinematographer and filmmaker based out of Milwaukee, WI, with a passion for creating compelling visuals that are genuine to the stories I tell. I work on a wide array of projects, with a focus on documentary.

I began with narrative work, where my friends and I crafted our own stories and brought them to life on screen. As my experience and skills grew, however, I became most passionate about exploring real-world stories and capturing moments that are not staged or acted. Moments where the camera seems to disappear, and the subject or environment comes to life undisturbed by my presence. 

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Growing up on a farm, I spent a lot of time outside. I would lie in a field for hours, watching clouds slowly morph into thunderheads as they passed over. Or venture into the woods, turning over rocks, and wondering about the complexity of the natural world. 

Filmmaking allows me to explore my childlike curiosity; whether it’s spending days in a wetland filming underwater landscapes, or taking a timelapse of the clouds that fascinated me as a kid. The world is full of stories, and I love how through my work, I can share what I discover.






Contact Me

Let's talk! I love meeting new clients, other filmmakers, or anyone with a passion for what they do.

Project proposals, inquiries, or anything under the sun. 

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